Shoplifting the Pooty

I think in terms of status updates now…

Tracy is getting in touch with her inner psycho

Tracy has satiated her voyeuristic tendencies

Tracy is impervious to reason

Tracy must have thought she was a pirate and put a patch over her third eye

Tracy is going to the gym to lift weights and help Beth shop around for her “manicorn”

Tracy has a secret fantasy to be a lounge singer

Tracy is not using her diffuse awareness

Tracy is hoping she’s one of those inexplicably resilient women who flourish without any apparent source of sustenance

Tracy is contemplating her dual reality

Tracy digs guys who Shoplift the Pooty

Tracy just made Spaghetti Os for her boys

Tracy really likes her president

Tracy is about to enjoy a weekend of sweet fuck all (SFA)

Tracy needs to shower and shave her legs.

Tracy is opposed to the rebooty. 

Tracy has “faulty prefrontal control over her limbic urges”

Tracy writes status updates during commericals

Tracy, arguably, has no life

Tracy just ate a banana

Tracy has jumped off a tall building to her death.



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