The embrace


The Scar

The Scar

The Scar by ~Jdgabele on deviantART


So, I go onto today to find some images for one of my projects at work and I plug in “couples.” We’re always looking for couples (usually older people) that are the epitome of health and happiness and that denote love, vigor and youth, despite age. Well, if you know anything about searching the web for images you know, first off, that you need to remain focused, otherwise, it’s a web of temptations luring you away from your actual work. 

I, having a very weak constitution for work, was indeed lured away, and instead of finding old couples that  take vitamin supplements and exercise all day, I found pages upon pages of couples in love, embracing. It was so amazing and so cliche(ly) heart-warming that I appropriated the above for your viewing pleasure. The saddest thing about this particular photo was the caption by the artist. It stated, “This couple no longer exists,” echoing the internet’s “This page no longer exists.” 

Oh lord. I almost burst into tears. I feel this guy’s pain. And truthfully, it makes the photo so much more profoundly emotional and stirring. Weak I am. Weak in the face of all this passion and love…

  The weight of the world
is love.
Under the burden
of solitude,
under the burden
of dissatisfactionthe weight,
the weight we carry
is love.

Who can deny?
In dreams
it touches
the body,
in thought
a miracle,
in imagination
till born
in human–
looks out of the heart
burning with purity–
for the burden of life
is love,

but we carry the weight
and so must rest
in the arms of love
at last,
must rest in the arms
of love.

No rest
without love,
no sleep
without dreams
of love–
be mad or chill
obsessed with angels
or machines,
the final wish
is love
–cannot be bitter,
cannot deny,
cannot withhold
if denied:

the weight is too heavy

–must give
for no return
as thought
is given
in solitude
in all the excellence
of its excess.

The warm bodies
shine together
in the darkness,
the hand moves
to the center
of the flesh,
the skin trembles
in happiness
and the soul comes
joyful to the eye–

yes, yes,
that’s what
I wanted,
I always wanted,
I always wanted,
to return
to the body
where I was born. 

Allen Ginsberg

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