Heels to Jesus

Surprise at N’s house.

A friend of mine recently moved back to town and so I went for a visit. She invites me and the kids over for dinner and gives me the tour. It’s a typical house. Nothing unusual. Then she tells my kids to wait downstairs, she needs to show me something in private. I’m wondering what the heck it can be. So, we go into her bedroom and it’s a typical master bedroom, except for the fact that there’s a little Alice in WOnderland sized door that’s locked and has a sign on the door that says something like: “Do Not Enter.” She opens the door and inside is an A-framed attic-like room that she’s converted into a sex room. Literally a den of iniquity, fully adorned with black shag carpet, red walls, mirrors on the ceiling, gold wall sconces with red candles, black curtains with purple tassles, videos, DVDs, sex books, a side table filled with dildos and vibrators, a twin bed covered in black sheets, and a rack of costumes and sexy outfits galore. The following themes were present: catholic school girl, wonder woman, cat woman, playboy bunny, amish girl (?) whore, etc. etc. There was a leather bull whip, black pleather boots and stripper heels tossed about the room. She had it all except a heart-shaped bed and a sex swing.

I found this to be quite amazing. The only other person I’ve known to have converted a room  for the purpose of pure sex was, dare I say it, my father. He turned his basement into a dungeon.

I can’t help but wonder if this sort of thing crosses any lines. I mean, there are any number of ways you can look at this. Sex as a hobby. Sex as a healthy obsession. Sex as an addiction. Which is it? And what are the behaviors that throw you into one category or another. For example, D buys me sexy lingerie all the time. And, he bought us a fairly dirty DVD (topic not disclosed). I, on several occasions, have already made mention of my trusty vibrator. But I haven’t built a room to house all these things. They’re tossed into a drawer or hidden under the bed. But what separates mine and D’s passion for sex from someone like N and her husband? Is she obsessed? Or is it simply a matter of being more devoted to her hobby? And what might others think of me and my drawer of goodies? What’s the difference really, if you have a drawer or an entire room dedicated to sex?

Oh the questions. And none can really be answered.

Bottom line, I guess we’ve both got our heels to Jesus. It’s just a matter of logistics, space, style and commitment. And the fact that she’s a lot more Martha Stewart about it all than I’ll probably ever be– unless, of course, I end up like dear old dad. Let’s hope the apple fell far from the tree!

8 thoughts on “Heels to Jesus

  1. furiousball

    i think it’s definitely a question for the individual (or the couple). as long as the sex isn’t hurting anyone (or thing) just be happy. but i draw the line at my girl friend’s converted t-shirt cannon which is now a dildo machine gun. i run away (facing her) when she breaks that out

  2. nNNNnnN

    Darling, what do you mean “Martha Stewart” about it? Just to clarify, do you mean the time and effort it took to decorate it just so? It’s a GOOD thing. LOL We’re not obsessed but it is a big part of our lives, we like it, we do it ALOT,(alot alot) and it’s never boring, just like when you’re a fabulous cook-yeah you can know the basics but when you add the different spices and sauces and know how to instinctively and creatively meld all the diffent flavor combinations together, well, then you have something truly unforgettable and delicious. He wants for nothing and we’re very very happy-that room during the walk through is what made us buy this house. It was a disgusting man cave at that time, xbox, old doritos, tools, crap everywhere. We saw potential. we just looked at each other and said-mmmmm hmmmmmmm. And the rest is history!

    1. sevenperfumes Post author

      Finally reading my stuff I see. It only took you a few years 🙂 And by martha Stewart I meant, extreme attention to detail and yes, EFFORT. I on the other hand, throw my crap in a drawer. (wink).

      1. nNNNnnN

        like nipple clamps. (wink back)and you forgot to mention the strategically placed mirror on the ceiling. no one knows this is me, right?

      2. sevenperfumes Post author

        I did mention the mirror. ANd I hate to say it but if you post about it on facebook and say “I’ve just commented on Heels to Jesus” there might be a connection made. Just saying…

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