Just askin’: toothpaste

At what point in your life do you opt to buy a “small” tube of toothpaste? Considering that you’ll probably be using the stuff for life, don’t you think you’d always want the larger, more-value-for-your-money size?

4 thoughts on “Just askin’: toothpaste

  1. kilie29

    I guess you buy a “small” or “travel” size tube of toothpaste if your just “trying it out” Or maybe if your broke and really need to brush your teeth?

  2. sevenperfumes Post author

    Thanks for the comments! But seriously, this is not about “trial” or “travel” size toothpaste. I get that. There is, believe it or not, a medium size tube you can buy. A 4 oz size as opposed to an 8 oz size. Go to your local grocery store and check it out. I think it’s simply one of the enigmas of our commercialized, mass-marketing world. 🙂

  3. whatisthepointoflife

    I think it’s always a balance between money and toothpaste. Imagine if toothpaste were sold in massive 5 litre tubes, 50 times bigger than the average large tube, for £60 or so. And in all grades down to a single shot of toothpaste, enough for one brushing for 10p (maybe with a disposable toothbrush so you could do it in store)? Then it might purely depend on how much money you were willing to invest in toothpaste at that moment in time.


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