Confession Mondays: it’s hotter than the Georgia asphalt

David Davies' "A Hot Day"

To this day I still pride myself on not having central air in my house. For one, I enjoy windows open, birds singing, crickets chirping, cicadas whirring. You can’t hear a damn thing except a rattling air conditioning unit when the air on. That seems to take away all the glamour of living and suffering through the heat.

Besides, there’s something deeply romantic and Hollywood about the heat:

Sailor and Lula rage on about the heat in Wild at Heart.

Mister Senior Love Daddy confirms it over the radio in Do the Right Thing.

Dennis Hopper wipes his brow from it several times during Easy Rider

It’s an omnipresent theme in The Sheltering Sky

But today it’s going up to 101 degrees in parts of Jersey, and we’re not talking dry heat where it’s cool in the shade. This is wet, humid heat, with no escaping; where the air feels thick and heavy like a giant boot crushing you. Air as still and soundless through the heavy limbs of trees like black oil spreading stagnant across  a dead pool.

Ain’t no sense in suffering through that. So, last night, my wonderful boyfriend installed a wall unit in my bedroom, and with the kids on the floor, and I in my bed, we slept in relative coolness.

I’m not all that proud of myself for giving in. But sadly, I’m getting older and the world is getting hotter.

4 thoughts on “Confession Mondays: it’s hotter than the Georgia asphalt

  1. Renee

    Not having AC in Jersey is OK. This kind of heat is rare there. I wouldn’t suggest going without it in the Southeast, though. 🙂

    And central air isn’t loud like the window units.

    I know what you mean about having the windows open, but my house would be a nasty mess if I didn’t have AC because it would be too hot to move, much less clean! lol

  2. sevenperfumes Post author

    True Renee. And there’s no sense in holding on to your pride in 100+ heat. I need to get over it. 🙂

    1. Renee

      When I lived up north, days like that were awful. We didn’t have central air most of my life there — just the last few years. I remember actually throwing up from the heat just getting dressed in the morning!


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