Not traveling? Do this.

I subscribe to the belief that "To travel is to live." My spirit requires adventure! Or at least knowing that something exciting is on the horizon. And so, this weekend, I think I need to find ways to compensate for having no travel plans.

Nebraska Avenue

By the time Kate could remember, he’d already begun drinking gin and tonics and selling copy machines, and sometimes going out on deep sea fishing boats when business was slow. And on days when he was out of work, and her mother couldn’t take it anymore, she’d say, “Everyone out!”

When a travel junkie can’t get her fix

It’s taken this global epidemic to make me realize just how much of a travel addict I am. I mean, like, full on travel junkie, with a huge dose of attachment disorder. Like, the thought of sitting in a Paris cafe, sipping a cafe au lait, turns me on like mad.

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