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Confession Mondays: it’s Tuesday

I confess. I haven’t been all that faithful to Confession Mondays. Truth is, I am living a rather somber, uneventful life and have little, if nothing to confess. Not even a tempest in a teapot. And speaking of tea, perhaps the most lurid detail I can share is that Starbuck’s frappuccinos make me crazy. Especially the java chip. This is due in part to what DL (a friend of mine on FB) attributes to the fact that I’ve never done hard drugs. My system is delicate, granted. But it may also be due to the fact that  Starbuck’s may be adding extra shots of caffeine, mocha and sugar to these drinks that throw me overboard. Whatever the case, I am an addict.




Forgive me Father,

for I have sinned.

It’s been 7 years since my last confession.

I don’t love my husband anymore

he apostatized himself from me,

and so I have fallen,

temporarily in comfort,

under the agency of a false prophet.



Twenty Hail Marys, my girl,

Twenty Our Fathers

And if you fuck him, you sleep on a bed of nails.