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  1. I have no tattoos
  2. I love to hear my name
  3. I can drive in any weather
  4. I am forgiving
  5. I still miss my dad
  6. Each year, I ban Christmas music (and that includes humming the tunes) from January 2 until the day after Thanksgiving
  7. I don’t like to cook unless it’s for entertainment purposes
  8. I’m usually always on time
  9. I often misplace my keys
  10. I love bland food.
  11. The only thing I do on my own that I can honestly say really makes me feel alive and whole is sing
  12. The two most important men in my life are my brothers
  13. The older I get the more aware I am that my body is incredibly sensitive to food, drink, the seasons, sleep, sex etc.
  14. Too often I feel like I missed my chance.
  15. In my will I have asked to have my ashes sprinkled down the back roads to Long Beach Island
  16. I don’t believe Jesus walked on water or raised Lazarus from the dead
  17. Two days after I’ve had wine, I get teary and sad.
  18. I don’t feel fat, but I wish I felt fitter
  19. I have several regrets 
  20. Love is the answer
  21. I am the first female in my family to have graduated college and ultimately go to grad school.
  22. I haven’t had a panic attack since December of 2007
  23. Every night Dani, Julien and I read our own books, each beside the other, on my bed. It’s my favorite time of the day
  24. I love heat and humidity
  25. One of my favorite memories was when Jimmy Ibbotson was at the height of his career and he came to stay over night for a while when we were living in Haddon Heights (I was 6 or 7). When I first saw him, he scared the shit out of me with his long hair, and so I hid under the dining room table but he kept trying to grab me, until I cried and my mother said, “Jim, leave her alone.” That kind of Freudian memory was bound to bite me in the ass when I got older and went after long haired musicians.
  26. One of my most disturbing memories was finding porno in my dad’s office and then proceeding to show it to all the neighborhood kids (Refer back to #18 )
  27. There are times when pain feels good
  28. I am addicted to coffee, love and peanut M&Ms
  29. There’s no place like home
  30. Ever since having babies, I need to sleep with a pillow at my stomach.
  31. I don’t dig when men lack self confidence to the point of being afraid to approach a woman for something as simple as sex- especially when they are dating
  32. I am seriously considering a year in the wilderness, living off the land, and teaching my boys how to survive in nature
  33. I’ve driven across the country four times. Twice out, twice back. They were both spiritual journeys I took alone, with my sons 
  34. I need to at once teach and be taught
  35. One of my favorite books of all time is Kerouac’s On the Road, but I never finished reading it. I bought it in 1989, inspired by my then artist boyfriend. It has my father’s own route out West written in it. The reason I won’t finish it is because I don’t want it to end 
  36. I recently learned that the ego is an illusion
  37. I do not watch TV unless I am forced to or I’m bored
  38. Yoga kinda bores me
  39. I despise the issue of sexual hang-ups
  40. I wish I had the will to fast for three days. I love the idea of purity.
  41. I don’t wear much make-up
  42. I’m ready for a nap


To have and have not




I must have a partner who is bright and can share my understanding of the world as well as enjoy discussing important issues.

Emotionally Healthy…


I must have a partner who is emotionally healthy, and able to share a stable life with someone else. This includes a certain maturity level.



I must have someone who is willing to explore our sexual desires with passion and understanding.



I must have someone I can count on to always support me.



I must have someone who is good at talking and listening.

Emotionally Generous…


I must have a partner who enjoys people and is generous with his or her compassion, attention, sympathies and love.



I must have someone who is comfortable giving and receiving affection.

Conflict Resolver…


I must have a partner who will work to resolve rather than win arguments or conflicts within our relationship.

Strong Character…


I must have a partner who is honest and strong enough to do the right thing.



I must feel deeply in love with and attracted to my partner.




Fiscally Irresponsible…


I can’t stand someone who is incapable of managing his money or unable to support himself.



I can’t stand someone who can’t manage his anger, who yells, or bottles it up inside.



I can’t stand someone who lies to anyone-especially to me.



I can’t stand someone who is belittling, superior, impatient or hateful to people in any situation.

Extremely Shy…


I can’t stand someone who is so shy that they cannot open up and share with me.



I can’t stand someone who believes that any particular ethnic group to which they belong is superior to the rest of humanity.



I can’t stand someone who fails to come through and is unreliable.



I can’t stand someone whose main topic of conversation is himself.



I can’t stand someone bitter, who always sees the glass as half empty and generally despises humanity.



I can’t stand someone who is unable to accept blame or see fault in his own actions.



I can’t stand when someone has a dependency on drugs or alcohol 

This list was appropriated from Persephone’s Obedience and modified where necessary.