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haute Philosophy on craigslist

Reading the craigslist philosophy discussion boards, I came to the conclusion that not much in this world makes sense. But it sure as hell is entertaining. The intermingling of nonsense with actual, deep thoughts is hilarious. 

Some of this week’s subject threads include:

  • “Do we cease to exist when we sleep?”
  • “Fuck Alan Watts (yes, fuck his ass)”
  • “There is no such things as a soul that moves from one body to another”
  • “Whether the image of the Blessed Virgin is on the potato chip or in the mind does really not matter if you believe it is. The problem, of course, is that belief don’t mean shit and what is “true for you” is by far not the epistemic equivalent of “what is true”. 
  • any guy who accepts a position in an office  with 6 women as his only coworkers has a lot more psychological problems than you will be able to resolve in one meeting. fire his ass.”
  • “Try talking about Schaupenhauer  go ahead… I am dying to know what you don’t”
  • “Certain brain surgery procedures can not successfully be undertaken on one’s own brain. if consciousness is a property of or dependent upon quantum existence, how then can it operate upon its own pre-emergence. to proceed, it must then be proposed that consciousness is the pre-emergent of quantum existence. is that the thesis of the quantum consciousness school?”
  • “thank you for swallowing.”