Sexy Sedona

So, my lovely D is turning 40 (welcome to my world) and as a little gift, I’ve booked a long weekend in  Sedona at the Enchantment Resort and Mi Amo Spa. As with every trip we take, I try to make a spiritual connection to place. In Florida, for example, I had a past life regression at the timeless Biltmore. In Spain, it was the deserted beaches and coastline of  Zahora.  Sedona should be no different. This little town, nestled in the red rock canyons of Arizona is all about place and space, wide open star-gazing skies, and windy vortexes that transform and heal you with feminine and masculine energies. And even though  it might turn out  to be just a new age-y kitch kinda place, it’s still a sexy, stunning, amazing destination  to celebrate a birthday.

Here’s our itinerary…

Day One

Arrive in Phoenix, AZ early afternoon

Pick up rental car and drive two hours north to Sedona

Relax! Star gaze! Dinner and drinks at the casual Tii Gavo restaurant, or a trek downtown to Elote, a “made-from-scratch”  Mexican restaurant.

Sleep well!

Day two

Up early for a two-hour drive to the Grand Canyon

A possible day hike around the rim

Late lunch at the El Tovar

Back to hotel; light dinner

Day Three

Up early for a Yogalates class at the spa while D gets a hot stone massage.

Lunch at Ken’s Creek Side

Back to spa for me, for a  Sedona Clay Wrap: “This unique high desert treatment begins with a light exfoliation and a generous application of our mineral-rich Sedona clay. We have enhanced the already powerful detoxifying, anti-inflammatory properties of the clay with the addition of cocoa powder. Cocoa is a softening, smoothing antioxidant agent that heals and protects while its delightful aroma brings a sense of simple pleasure. After you have showered off the clay, we apply a mineral-rich oil or lotion infused with native herbs to leave you glowing and feeling grounded.”

While I’m wrapped in mud, D will hit the fairway for the first nine at the “Imax of golf courses” Seven Canyons

Dinner at Yavapai Restaurant

Day four
Early breakfast at The Heartline Cafe
Two hour drive to Phoenix
Fly home

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